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The Latin American market is like a rough diamond. We help you to process it knowledgeably.

Appreciation for business partners in Europe & overseas is the basis of our work.

The right contacts are the A&O in the Latin America business, we make them.

Many years of experience in safety training for Latin America

For employees who come into contact with Latin American culture for the first time, the friendliness and openness become visible at first glance. Often you forget the high crime rates quickly and become so careless. In our training courses, we sensitize your employees and prepare you for security risks that you will find difficult to identify without prior knowledge. With our expertise, we offer you the opportunity to prepare your employees for their work in Latin America in the best possible way.

Consulting in market development & business development

We support you in opening up and developing the markets in Spain, Brazil and Latin America in all phases and answer questions such as:

Is the market attractive enough that the investment is worthwhile?
Do my products work on site?
How do I find trustworthy business partners?
How do I resolve conflicts in business relationships?
How does punctuality and organization work in Latin America?


Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you by phone or email.

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